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2020 should have been the celebration of the birthday of the world's greatest composer: Ludwig van Beethoven. A year-long programme of commemorative concerts and events was planned but had be abruptly abandoned after the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

However the organisers have refused to be defeated and now there are plans to extend Beethoven's anniversary year into 2021, with (it is hoped) an inaugural concert due to take place this December in Bonn, where Beethoven was born and grew up.

The focal points of this extended birthday celebration will be the cities of Bonn and Vienna.

A highlight of next year is bound to be a simultaneous performances in June by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and the Vienna Symphony, along with other open air concerts and Bonn's Beethoven festival.

Bonn of course is home to the Beethoven-Haus, Beethoven's birthplace and one of the most visited music museums in the world ( Since December 17, 2019, the museum has been hosting a new and enlarged permanent exhibition. It provides a new approach to experiencing Beethoven as an artist in a modern, inspiring and exciting way. New rooms are the vault with manuscripts, a music room for regular concerts on historic keyboards and a special area for temporary exhibitions. A love of Beethoven's music might be reason enough for many people to visit the city, but prior to Coronavirus the travel guide Lonely Planet had ranked Bonn as the fifth most attractive destination for 2020, based on its impressive museum attractions, important political history (as Germany's former capital city) and its attractive location on the River Rhine.

Visitors to Vienna, which became Beethoven's professional base, will be able to enjoy the extension of exhibitions organised for the anniversary well into 2021 - including one depicting the extraordinary number of places in which the composer lived in the city (more than 60 in total). As a great European city of music and culture, Vienna needs no introduction. With its wealth of museums, art galleries and palaces, in addition to many world-class theatres and opera-houses, there is so much to offer the visitor. Of specific interest to fans of Beethoven are the Beethoven Museum ( which was formerly his apartment in Heiligenstadt, in the 19th district, now containing a fascinating modern exhibition leading through 14 rooms; the House of Music (; and the Beethoven Pasqualatihaus (

Not to mention the numerous other buildings, statues and musical venues that commemorate Beethoven or have connections with him. His influence on the city is truly all-pervasive!

Date: 13/08/2020 | Author: Jonathan Taylor

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